Here are the Aluminum Fabrication Services we offer:

Standard Flat Beds
All standard beds are built with 6061-T6 structural aluminum. The load rating on the deck of the beds is 2300lbs. per square foot with built in non-skid knural panel. Standard beds are made for all makes and models.

Dump Beds
All dump beds are custom made to our customer's needs. All of our dump beds have Venco hydraulic systems that the customer can choose from power up, gravity down or power up, power down hydraulic pumps.

Brush Trucks
Brush truck beds are made custom for each fire company. All brush trucks are completed by certified fire truck builders at their own site, such as Ferrara Fire Apparatus, as seen in these pictures.

Full Custom
Our full custom beds are beds that our customers really want to go all out with. We can install racks, rails, hitches, generator boxes, tool boxes, fuel tanks, water tanks, bumpers, and lighting. Basically if the customer wants it or needs it, we will do everything possible for our customers.

Freightliners are a larger upgrade of our full custom beds we build. Putting one of our beds on freightliners really makes them stand out.

All trailers are custom built from small utility trailers to 40ft gooseneck trailers. We also build custom dump trailers as well.

Wholesale Trailer Parts & Aluminum
If you are the do it yourself person. We also can supply you with a wide variety of wholesale parts and aluminum.


We can build a custom bed for any make or model truck. We have yet to come across one that we couldn't build.